We are Kavat

We are alert, honest and strive for long-term relationships. This, in turn, requires cooperation, transparency and openness. At the company, you will usually meet the two of us, but we also have staff in finance, sales, stock and logistics.


As a child, my home was filled with scents. Dad, a perfume-loving chemist with a lab in the cellar of the house, mixed different products. Everything had a scent: all the family’s haircare products, waxes, impregnations and lotions.

Mum always smelled nice. When I was sad, I took comfort in Mum’s lap and her smell. Then, I just accepted that that was just how it was. Now I know why. Maybe that’s where it all started?

At my parties we mixed our own shampoos instead of lucky dips. All the children were given a shampoo base to which they added colour and scent. I chose yellow violet shampoo. That was the best! At upper secondary school, my special project was on the subject Perfume – a beautiful combination of science and art. During this period, I deepened my knowledge and was completely absorbed in the world of the meaning of scents. I went to Grasse and confirmed my feeling for scents.

I trained as an aromatherapist and delved deeper into the world of essential oils. I became fascinated in that these oils affected us physically and mentally. I suppose it was in aromatherapy really that I discovered my ability to mix essential oils to create harmonious scents. It came easily and naturally to me, a talent and the beginning of a passion. Was that where it all started?

When after a few jobs in other businesses, I finally ended up in the cosmetics business, the idea of working in the field of scents arose once more. At Kavat Kosmetikutveckling, I combined developing cosmetics and scents with selling raw materials. I have been doing that since 1998. And Kavat is growing with the task. I now focus more on the development of actual products than I have for many years. There are now more of us at the company, so I can devote most of my time to what I do best.


You could call it a passion for scents and the creation process of perfume, 
as that part is just as magical every time …


For me, scent is linked to memories and feelings. Sometimes, the memory comes straight to mind when I smell something, and then afterwards the feeling. Sometimes, the feeling comes first and I might not find the memory for that feeling at all.

My memories are like flacons jostling for space on the perfume shelf and popping out sequences of life. I have memories from Grandma’s house, smells of tar from the railway track next to the house. The house shook every time a train passed, but Grandma was calm, and the security smelled of tar.

I am fascinated by scents, and impressions of colour and form: the way they affect our senses and the way our senses affect our choice of scent, colour and form. Since childhood, I have had a strong sense of curiosity, which means that I see solutions rather than problems and I can take an extra turn if it means a better solution. Finding the right scent for the right product is a wonderful challenge in my work!

I fill my garden with soft impressions and movement. The scents are important and follow on from each other during the season. There I am easily fascinated by how fantastic nature is. How it untiringly sows seeds and charms us with its flowers and beautiful leaves.

I treat my plants in the garden with great respect. The wild roses have sharp thorns but offer endless beauty throughout the summer and well into autumn when my heart sighs a sad goodbye to the summer. Then the roses stand there nodding to me. They console me and give me hope for the next summer. During the rest of the year, they are not much to look at. But I know, and I see deep down the beautiful velvety roses and pleasantly remember the scent, and the thorns soften before me.

I see other people in the same way and I look for the nice, good sides that radiate precisely this and then I melt and get a softer attitude and opportunity for a good meeting.


My yoga teacher usually wishes us a warm welcome, and then I feel extra invited to take part. That’s exactly how I want our customers to feel: warmly welcome.


Viking is a Lagotto Romagnolo, or Italian truffle dog. The breed has a nose that is well known in the world of scents when it comes to searching for the black gold – the truffle.

Viking is in the office during the day. He welcomes all the guests and keeps an eye on the post and package deliveries. Viking loves to practise tracking and look for chanterelles, as, unfortunately, there aren’t many truffles in Kullavik. Like most dogs, Viking likes to cover himself in other scents – an aroma dog.