Our vision is to deliver raw materials of high quality with a comprehensive view of handling, from seed to product.

For us, good raw materials go hand in hand with caring about agriculture and the surrounding community. It is just as important to us that our raw materials come from places with safe cultivation conditions as it is that our raw materials are turned into good and safe products.

Our lifeblood is our curiosity. We are inspired by so many different things, situations and events. They give us ideas that we develop and strip down to a physical form. We mull it over and go a few more rounds, add and total, and reflect on it with a glance to the future, because development never stops. It may bob up and down thoughtfully like a wave on the water, but it never stands still. We therefore monitor and follow what happens at our cultivations and with new product development.

Our leaders are also our researchers and professors who give their all to produce good, reliable and, sometimes, unique products. Their documentation is more like a book in size. Everything has to be tested and ensured and tested again. That gives confidence to our vision. 


We are proud suppliers of raw materials for industry and cosmetics. Much separates these producers, but there are some interesting likenesses, such as choosing raw materials that give a fantastic surface with deep and caring qualities. And the scent!

Take any product at all in the shops, service station or cosmetics shop; they all have one thing in common. The customer, almost spontaneously, smells the content, usually directly in the shop, to decide whether to buy it, or when he or she comes home and is going to use it. Maybe the purchase was shampoo for the car? What kind of feeling does the scent awaken in the recipient? What signals does it send to the feelings and memory? Did the shampoo smell of professionalism and quality, thereby giving a wonderful after-purchase feeling?


The fact that some hazardous products should smell ‘hazardous’ is just as important to people as it is to animals. They know to use their sense of smell to survive. This remains deep down in people too and, sometimes, we are unaware of why we are drawn to some smells and avoid others. Our memories have stored the emotions with the scents but we no longer remember the events. Other scents evoke images.

This is so exciting: it’s not surprising that we’re crazy about scents!

Scent as a successful introduction to the product is something we have placed great value on finding out about. It should click. A scent should correspond to the appearance and content of the package, the intended target group and how it is attracted to the scent. The scent should be the answer to what the product offers! We have acquired knowledge through many years of experience, schools and a range of partnerships, including by our leaders.

 We create scents, when we work to read you and your product. We lead you through a world of scents in which we combine fragrance substances with our knowledge, together with your knowledge of your product and your scent memory!


Our aim is to be clear in our information to you, so you can be clear to your customer. The user can then understand the product and its message. If the user of the product gets clarity, he or she can also make a choice more easily. We believe that the market needs the right information in an easily accessible way. That way, consumers can educate themselves and become stronger in their conviction about the products. The trade becomes cleaner and the praise better founded. 

Look good, feel better


Kavat Kosmetikutveckling AB is a sustaining member of the organisation Look Good Feel Better, a humanitarian organisation that offers women who are being treated for cancer, free courses on the basics of cosmetics, colour science and skin care – an important help for those who lose their hair, eyebrows and eyelashes during their cancer treatment. The women learn about working with scarves as an alternative to wigs.

Look good, feel better – a boost in everyday life

We think Look Good Feel Better does an important job that is close to our heart. It is a great joy to us to support the project and see the organisation grow year on year.