Our philosophy


We want to convey the feeling that you can make something special for the shelves in the shop.





/Kaisa Avehall, Cosmetic Architect



You work for a company that wants a stable partner that you can trust to deliver your products in the way we have agreed. As our customer, you will appreciate having us as a sounding board for your choices of raw materials. We can help you to convey that special feeling you want to get through our product development work. We shape and, over time, reshape your products. 

We want more than to just be a trading house of hygiene products, cosmetics and household chemicals. We want to contribute quality and uninterrupted chains of good handling so that we can offer you products, with a clear conscience, that are free from child labour and environmental impact. That’s why we don’t buy products from countries with doubtful conditions or unclear tracking on issues that are important to us. 



We care and have great respect for you as our customer and see our role in your business as a responsibility and our link in the chain. We always care about nature while, at the same time, looking at how the world works today from a social perspective. The idea of someone, somewhere else in the world, paying a high price so we can get a bargain feels fundamentally wrong. Think globally, act locally – that’s our motto.

We have built up our relationships based on long-termism and mutual respect. Add to that our knowledge and experience and you have a trustworthy partner in us.

Our philosophy is simple and based on always developing. In a small company, we can quickly adapt, as we learn along the way. We have short decision routes without any bureaucracy.