By software, we mean the personal service that makes the difference: our knowledge, commitment and flexibility that accompany our hardware to you.

We keep our customers informed. You will have the chance to educate yourself in areas you want to go into. We will guide you around options and price ranges until you find your perfect solution and choice of products just for your project.

We have appropriated knowledge on how to develop good cosmetic products through many years of experience, schools and partnerships. We can confidently say that we are among the best in town at creating scents. We work on reading you as a customer and lead you through a world of scents until you find your signature scent. We bring together the hardware – the fragrance substances – and the software – our knowledge – in the same way as the body and soul are one.





We will develop complete series and concepts on your behalf.

Our aim is for you to be clear to the customer; the user should understand the product and its message. If the user of the products is given clarity, he or she will also make decisions more easily.

We believe that the market needs the right information in an easily accessible way. That way, consumers can educate themselves and strengthen their conviction about the products. The trade becomes cleaner and the praise better founded.