If nature could choose

Working with products that originate from nature has been deeply rooted in our soul since we started Kavat Kosmetikutveckling. Our raw materials therefore make it easy for us to contribute to positive development of our environment. Natural waxes are 100 per cent biologically degradable and thereby very environmentally friendly, as are oils and extracts, and perfumes are based on natural plant extracts: in other words – clean nature.

Minimal environmental impact

We want to minimise the impact of our products, both as end products and products for further refining, on our environment as far as possible. In practice, this means that we set very clear requirements for all our suppliers – for products and services.

We continuously work with our suppliers to minimise the environmental impact throughout the production chain, from raw material production and transport to the environmental impact of the product itself.

We are working to further reduce our contribution to environmental impact when handling our products and from our other activity. So, if nature itself were to choose, our natural waxes, extracts and oils would be an obvious choice!

We can confidently say that we do the environment a service if the use of our natural waxes, scents and other nature products continues to grow.